To the Svitava Springs - educational trail with posted information

Czech name K pramenům Svitavy
GPS 49°45'53"N 16°27'54"E (xx km)
447 m above sea level

The trail passes Horní and Dolní rybník (Upper and Lower Ponds), where you can swim or get refreshment at the "Plechárna" snack bar in hot summer days, then it goes to the springs of the Svitava river, providing information on history of the ponds and on local fauna and flora.

Stations 10 to 15 feature interactive elements for children.

Category educational trail
  • To the Svitava Springs - education trail (5.8 km)
    Information on altitude: start - 439 m, end - 464 m, ascended - 48 m, descended - 23 m, minimum - 436 m, maximum - 494 m

Tours / exhibitions

Open to public open entry
Wheelchair Access : No
Photography allowed: Yes
Video cameras allowed: Yes
Foreign languages descriptions (Czech)
Exhibition specialization geology / mineralogy / precious stones, natural sciences