Waterworks Forest - educational trail

Czech name Vodárenský les
GPS 49°44'45"N 16°27'20"E (xx km)
446 m above sea level

The trail makes hard to reach parts of the forest with springing underground water accessible, which once served as the source of drinking water for Svitava. It leads along the right bank of the Ostré Stream along wooden walkways above waterlogged and boggy places and gravel roads, from which you can not only examine the habitat of wetlands and waterlogged soils, but also the preserved buildings of pumping wells.

Category educational trail
Tracks Total length: 1.62 km
  • Wawterworks Forest - education trail (1.4 km)
    Information on altitude: start - 441 m, end - 439 m (minimum), ascended - 23 m, descended - 25 m, maximum - 453 m
  • - education trail (0.05 km)
  • - education trail (0.1 km)
  • - education trail (0.05 km)
  • - education trail (0.02 km)

Tours / exhibitions

Open to public open entry
Wheelchair Access : Yes
Video cameras allowed: Yes
Foreign languages descriptions (Czech)
Exhibition specialization natural sciences, waterworks engineering / canalisation