Jan Palach Park

Czech name Park Jana Palacha
Address Poličská
GPS 49°45'25"N 16°27'32"E (xx km)
448 m above sea level

The Jan Palach Park, designed by Hugo Anderley, was planted in 1890 in conjunction with the building of the villa area. Talks were held beginning in 1931 to make the originally private garden a public town facility. This occurred in 1933 and in 1946 the new public park was fully opened under the name Dr. Edward Beneš. The gradual postwar dilapidation of the park, named after Jan Palach in 1993, was the impetus for the extensive regeneration of the nearly 2 hectare grounds between 1999 and 2001.

Category botanical garden / arboretum, park
Date of construction 1890